2D SideScroller Pixel Art Kit

Create Your platform worlds faster with this vast collection of tiles.

Packed with more than 400 double outline tiles to create various platform games with.

This pack contains beginner-friendly techniques to build tilemaps and comes with multiple ground tiles, foliage, background tiles, and multiple props to populate your scenes.

You can use it with the Unity tile mapper to draw every type of levels and ground shapes.


This pack contains sprite sheets packed in one sprite atlas.

Features :

- 6 demos scenes to show off each pairing possibility between environments.

- Stylized particle effects.

- Basic Scripts to get you started.

- 11 different animations.

- 408 sprites including animations.

Tile List:

----- Item SpriteSheet 270x180-----

(138 Total Sprites)

x56 Foliage & Grass

x06 Trees

x03 UI Hearts

x01 Coin (6 Animation Sprites)

x06 Keys

x04 Potions

x14 Blocks

x12 Stairs/Fence

x02 Spike/Box

x01 Flag (Divided in top and bottom part)

x04 Direction plates

x01 Heart (5 Animation Sprites)

x04 gemstones

x01 BouncePad (5 Animation Sprites)

x01 Computer (2 Animation Sprites)

x02 Moving Platform

x01 Lever (3 Animation Sprites)

x02 Door/Coffin

-----Water/Background SpriteSheet 342x126 -----

(87 Total Sprites)

x08 Water/Waterfall (64 Animation Sprites)

x23 Backgrounds

-----Terrain 234x234-----

(165 Total Sprites)

x165 Terrain tiles

-----Characters -----

(16 Total Sprites)

x01 Main character (Idle, walk, jump up and down) 144x22

x01 Enemy (idle) 112x24

-----Extra -----

(2 total Sprite)

x01 Cursor 32x32

x01 Firefly texture 18x18

Particle Effect List:

x01 Snow effect

x01 FIreflies

x01 Ground Impact effect

x01 walking effect

Script List:

- Basic CharacterController

- Basic Camara Follow

- Basic Moving Platform

- Basic Moving Enemy

- Basic JumpPad

- Basic FPS Displayer

- Basic Reset Level

- Basic Audio Manager

- Basic Coin Pickup

- Basic Hovering

Sound effect List:

- JumpPad

- Jump

- Land

- Coin Pickup

- Basic Background Music Loop