Half Full Localization is a fast and convenient suite of tools allowing you to focus on developing your game, not dealing with localization.

Current Features

  • Localize various data types, including Text, AudioClips, Textures, Sprites, and GameObjects
  • Font swapping for desired languages
  • Localized arguments to adjust text based on custom values
  • Automatic Right to Left text rendering for RTL languages
  • Character sequencing to reduce font asset bloat
  • Fully commented code with simple interactions to allow custom behaviour

CSV Support

Work collaboratively with translators in editors like Google Sheets then import localized values via CSV. Multiple CSV files can be referenced at once, so you can use discrete tabs for UI text, dialogue, audio references, or whatever you think of!


HFL has no platform dependencies for runtime code, so you are free to use it on mobile, console, WebGL, and standalone evironments.

Clean and Commented Source Code

HFL includes fully commented C# source code, along with example scripts showing how to create your own custom localization behaviours.


Many of HFL's features can be easily modified to suit your workflow, both by scripting and simply adjusting the preferences menu.

Examples Included

Multiple example scenes showing various localization components, as well as examples of how to create your own custom localization behaviours.