cyberpunk - Under Siege 2 OFFICIAL SALE

This pack contains simple modular constructor for creating sci-fi cyberpunk environments: station-like, tech fly islands-like etc.

1. Simple modular sci-fi constructor;

2. Turret->bullets->enemy attack GAMEPLAY (see video preview);

3. Dropper (ship)->drill (robot)->ground attack GAMEPLAY (see video preview);

4. Compatible with Under Siege 1:

Suitable for creating colorful scenes, custom gameplay scenes, adding to your wip sci-fi project:

Gameplay mode independent from anything.

- It means you may drag and drop correspond prefabs to anywhere and hit play for ready-to-use sci-fi action (visual);

- you may use any 3d content as robots, ships and ground: just add correspond scripts and collider.


● modular sci-fi grounds;

● drill model;

● dropper (ship) model;

● 1 type animated turret (models);

● dropper gameplay: fly, search target (ground), drop paratroopers (drills);

● drill (robot) gameplay: fly, search target (ground), ground 'drilling';

● turret gameplay: search target, aim, fire;

● turret setup: fire rate, aim time, search radius (via response area);

● bullet gameplay: target hit;

● bullet setup: fly speed, damage;

● explode effect (particle based);

● drill spark effect (Unity default particle based);

● dropper, drill setup: fly speed, health (armor), damage power;

realized gameplay a: turret fire -> enemy hit -> enemy destroy;

realized gameplay b: find ground -> drop drills -> drilling ground;

● enemy spawner;

● utilized Unity engine physics;

● textures 4K;

● 100-5000 tris;


- built-in, Universal, HDRP is supported (via built-in material upgrader: Edit > Render Pipeline > Upgrade materials to your SRP);

- comes as built-in.