Augmented Reality Restaurant Menu Lite

AR Restaurant Menu Lite is a complete package solution for restaurants' menu in augmented-reality view and also regular 3D view. You can browse different food categories and different dishes in the entire menu. You can search for dishes and you can look through dishes in each food category. This robust template also enables you to save the food you like in a "save for later" list or simply just "bag" the food and proceed to checkout. You can adjust the quantity of each food you have bagged and click on proceed to payment

So who is this template designed for ?

1. You have plans on designing an Augmented Reality Menu Solution for Restaurants. You can use this project as a base template.

2. You are interested in designing Augmented Reality Menu App to showcase other items (e.g. shopping app for shoes, bags, gadgets, etc). You can use this project as a base template.

3. You want to design an AR showcase app for rare / ancient items (e.g. AR museum). You can use this project as a base template.

This template gives you an idea on how to structure and code a non-gaming project in unity.

So What do you expect to get in this project?

1. Only 6 High quality 3D models and textures of 3D dishes (Compared to 17 in the more expensive version).

2. High quality and robust template to design AR menu apps.

3. High Quality, Readable and scalable source code

So Why Should I Purchase This Package?

1. You want to build an augmented reality solution for restaurants that want their customers to be able to view their different food items in regular 3D view or augmented reality.

2. You want to build an augmented reality shopping app to enable users to see the items they want to buy using AR (note that this project only comes with food models, therefore any other model you want to include, you will have to provide. However the template is designed to make modification really easy )

3. You want to see and learn how a robust non-gaming app could be built with unity.

Please Note!

1. This project does not come with an in-built payment gateway / payment integration.

2. After you get this project, you will need to install AR foundation as well as Text Mesh Pro from the unity package manager (for no cost).