Simple Game Maker

Simple Game Maker is a starter tool to make games in a faster way.

It is a framework for visual scripting.

You can easily extend the functionality with your own scripts (use SciptTemplates).

It contains demo scenes, generators and ready for use scipts.



More than 30 demo scenes for learning.

World generator from csv (Excel), random object generator, simple object generator.

AI function.

More than 120 scripts for handling variables, object transformation, triggers and so on.

Write your scipts and fit it into the framework.

You can work with

  • Animation
  • AI
  • Audio
  • Console
  • Editor helper
  • Generators
  • Sequences, triggers, events
  • Material
  • Other useful functions
  • Relations
  • Scenes
  • Store
  • Transformations
  • UI
  • System
  • Variables

Check the DemoScenes for learning!

Check the SciptTemplates for developing!