Twicks - Twin Stick Shooter Kit

Welcome to TWICKS, our Twin Stick Shooter Kit - a solid game framework helping you to create your game.

With TWICKS we tried to find out which components define the core mechanics of a good twin stick shooter. Instead of coming with a large set of pre coupled and hard to extend features, we wanted to create a solid foundation consisting of core systems and components, that you can easily build on and extend to make the game you want.

Our Twin Stick Shooter Kit comes with the most core game elements like a health system with hitbox support, actor management and a very strong and extendable manager system, allowing you to easily create new core systems with low coupling. Additionally TWICKS comes with a Behaviour Tree Scripting Framework, allowing you to create flexible Behaviour Tree Based AI components using the tree builder pattern.

The framework has been designed in a modular way, allowing you to replace our default implementations with your own, if you want.

To give you a headstart, we added a complete sample scene, giving you an example how to create a playable character, enemy AI, custom weapons, missions and pickups.


  • Modular, extendable and robust core system

We did our best to keep coupling as low as possible and create a modular and extendable solution you can build on. By implementing the appropriate interfaces you can cleanly replace and extend most of our components with your own if required or build your own systems working on top of it

  • Visual Scripting support

While TWICKS comes with a robust core system, it also provides you with event and action nodes to control high level behavior from Unity's Visual Scripting Solution. In that way you can harness the full power of State Machines and Script Machines to script your game logic in no time or quickly test things out.

  • Extendable AI System

Our Twin Stick Shooter Kit comes with an easy to use Behavior Tree AI System, allowing you to create AI behavior from scripts using the tree builder pattern. With the included Behavior Tree Viewer you can view and debug your Behavior Trees in the editor at runtime.

  • Playable Game Sample

Explore our complete sample scene, giving you an example how to create a playable character, enemy AI, custom weapons, missions, pickups and integrate game logic using Visual Scripting.

  • Powerful Component Library

We developed a set of reuseable and extendable components, like a Health, Hitbox, Loot Drop, Affiliation component and many more. The Framework also comes with a minimap and mission system.

  • Input System Integration

TWICKS uses Unity's the new Input System and supports keyboard, mouse and gamepad input by default.

  • Customizable Manager System

We implemented a customizable system, allowing you to define startup profiles in the project settings, to determine which systems should be created automatically when the game is started. In that way you can easily create custom managers and persistent components for your game.

What Not to expect:

TWICKS is not a complete game, but a framework you can build on and extend. It does not come with a preintegrated Save System, Inventory or Animation Framework. In the end, we think this would bloat it up unnecessarily and take from you the flexibiliy and freedom to use the system of your choice or implement your own, depending on your needs. That said, we might come up with extension packages or tutorials for TWICKS in the future and provide to you solutions for specific scenarios, if there is a demand for this.