CBS - Cross-platform Backend Solution (PlayFab)

The plugin provides a set of API methods for implementing different backend mechanics. With the help of Microsoft Azure plugin expands the possibilities of PlayFab functionality. This is a cross-platform solution that works on all Unity platforms. All methods are written in C# and powered by Azure Functions (.NET 6). All response data is compressed by 90%, which allows you to speed up the request time and saves traffic. All functionality is divided into modules with their own API. The plugin has a powerfull Unity editor, which allows you to fire up game content directly from Unity. Include all source code

Plugin uses such solutions as PlayFab, Azure Storage, Storage Table, Cosmos Table (Optional), Distributed lock, Timer trigger, Durable task, Storage queue

You can ask any question on the discord server

IMPORTANT! Before download plugin - please read install tutorial

Game features:

1. Authorization

- Profile registration (DeviceID, Custom ID, Google, Apple, Facebook, Steam, Open ID, custom mail)

- Account linking

- Auto login based of last authorization

- Preloading profile data during login (account, clan, inventory, custom data etc)

- Auto nickname generation with prefix

2. Profile

- Avatar system

- Level / exp management. Customize the level table for your character and also the rewards for reaching a specific level. The table can be customized in a special visual Unity editor

- Custom event for new level reach

- Online status

- Ban system

3. Game currency

- Create your game currencies directly from Unity using the editor.

- Fully customizable currency. Icon, initial deposit after registration.

- Support for auto recovery currency (Rechargeable)

- Currency shop. Customize your store. Create your own currency packs in different combinations of currency

4. Game items

- Create your own in-game items (building, armor, weapons, potions, whatever) using the visual editor in Unity

- Fully customizable item. Name, icon, description, custom data, price. Playfab properties - IsConsumable, IsStackable, IsEquippable, IsTradebale, HasLifetime

- Categories for items. Divide your items into categories for ease of use and sorting (e.g. weapons, armors, potions, etc.)

- Packs of items. Unite items into groups so that, for example, they can be sold entirely in the store

- Crafting system based on recipe

- Upgrade system. The ability to improve the characteristics of the item for game currency

5. Loot boxes

- Create your loot boxes / chests through the visual editor in Unity. Make rewards for players

- Fully customizable drop chance for each item

6. In-App Purchase (iOS/Android)

- Fully integrated Unity AIP with PlayFab

- PlayFab receipt validation

- Ability to test IAP from Unity editor

7. Store

- Ability to set up multiple stores

- Limit store for profile by Clan exist, level, statistic value

- Disable/enable store availability

- Disable/enable availablity for item in store

- Items discount system

- Quantity limit for item per Day/Week/Month/Year/All Time

- Global special offers (For example, offer all users to buy an item for a specific event)

- Profile special offers (For example, offer the player to buy an item upon reaching a certain level)

8. Chat

- Global, server, regional chat

- Chat history. Auto cleanup chat history

- Abilit to tag profile in chat

- Group chat

- Private chat between players

- Ability to customize the maximum message length

- Send stickers

- Send items in chat

- Chat moderators

- Profanity check

- Automatic moderation

9. Friends system

- Friends list

- Send / accept / decline friends request

- Online status

- Firends count limit

- Shared friends

10. Inventory

- Get inventory by category

- Equip item

- Use consumable items

- Ability to overwrite custom data for each item in the inventory. For example, you want to improve a sword in a forge

11. Clan system

- Set clan max members count

- Clan chat

- Automatically send join/leave/change role message to chat

- Clan roles with action permissions

- Join type (Open, By request)

- Search clan by name

- Clan level/experience with rewards

- Clan tasks (Daily, weekly, monthly)

- Avatar managmaent(Simple, Complex, with colors)

- Clan inventory

- Ability to transfer items between profile and clan inventory

- Ability to set clan custom data

12. Leaderboard

- Custom editor to create and modify leaderboard

- Players leaderboard based on player exp / level

- Clan leaderboard

- Friends leaderboard

- Ability to create your own leaderboard with your statistics

- Ability to reset leaderboard from editor

13. Calendar (Daily rewards)

- Ability to create multiple calendars

- Weekly reward calendar

- Monthly reward calendar

- Custom reward calendar with custom period

- Ability to enable/disable visibility for specific calendar

- Ability to purchase calendar instance

14. Roulette

- Players can try their luck at roulette

- Fully customizable roulette rewards and drop chances with a visual editor for Unity

15. Matchmaking

- Give players the opportunity to find each other to play together

- Single, Team, Duel Mode

- Search for a player by level or custom value

- Custom Unity editor to create own matchmaking queues

16. Achievements

- Create and configure achivments from Unity editor.

- One shot or steps achievements mechanics.

- Add prizes for achievements (Automatic reward or manual)

- Limiting achievements by player level

- Tired achievements

17. Daily Tasks

- Get random tasks for player per Day/Week/Month/Year/All Time

- Add rewards for tasks

- Reset current and get new tasks for player

- Tired tasks

- Ability to configure drop chance for task

- Custom Unity editor for modify tasks

18. Battle Pass

- Configure your Battle Pass levels.

- Reward players for reach each level

- Custom Unity editor for create new Battle Pass instances

- Exp multiplier feature

- Skip level feature

- Bank feature. Allows you to accumulate progress rewards that players will receive at the end of the season

- Tasks for battle pass

- Extra level feature

- Time limit for rewards

- Ticket feature. Allows you to unlock different bonuses for a separate fee

19. Notifications

- Ability to send message to all players.

- Ability to send message to seprate player.

- Ability to attach reward.

- Ability to set notification TTL (Time to live)

- Add notification states for player (Read, rewarded)

- Ability to send new level reward to player inbox

- Ability to send achievement/tasks reward to player inbox

- Ability to send Battle Pass "Bank reward" reward to player inbox

20. Events

- Ability to automate game processes

- Starting an event manually

- Starting an event using "cron expressions"

- Available actions list:

1. Reset statistics (leaderboard)

2. Set profile exp multiplier

3. Enable or disable store

4. Set store item price

5. Enable or disable item in store

6. Start "Store Special Offer"

7. Start "Stop Special Offer"

8. Send message to chat

9. Enable or disable calendar

10. Start battle pass

11. Stop battle pass

12. Send notification to all players

13. Update PlayFab Title Data

14. Execute custom azure function


Powerful examples that can be used in production. Optimized, using the pool manager for all spawn items. No memory leak. Endless scroll is used for all UI elements where needed

- Powerful API to make own logic

- Secure code. Almost all requests are rewritten through the Azure Functions

- Standalone, Android, iOS, UWP, Xbox, PS4, WebGL

- Work with Unity 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022

- Powerful Playfab editor for Unity

- Game designer friendly tools

- Full source code

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