CBS - Cross-platform Backend Solution (Playfab) OFFICIAL SALE

The plugin is based on PlayFab and Azure Storage Table. Supports platforms such as Standalone, Android, iOS, UWP, Xbox, PS4, WebGL. Powerful Playfab editor for Unity,user friendly interface to create your game economy. Configure the entire backend directly in Unity, you don't need to do anything on the Playfab console. Almost all requests are rewritten through the PlayFab server script to protect you from cheaters. Contain structured API to create your own logic

IMPORTANT! Before download plugin - please read setup tutorial

Game features:

1. Authorization

- Mail / password authorization. Restore password.

- Device ID authorization

- Google authorization (Need to install Google SDK from your side)

- Facebook authorization (Need to install Facebook SDK from your side)

- Steam authorization (Need to install Steam SDK from your side)

2. Profile

- Auto nickname generation after registration.

- Level / exp management. Customize the level table for your character and also the rewards for reaching a specific level. The table can be customized in a special visual Unity editor

- Custom event for new level reach

- Managing the player's nickname / avatar

- Saving personal data of the player

3. Game currency

- Create your game currencies directly from Unity using the editor.

- Fully customizable currency. Icon, initial deposit after registration.

- Support for auto recovery currency

- Currency shop. Customize your store. Create your own currency packs in different combinations of currency

4. Game items.

- Create your own in-game items (building, armor, weapons, potions, whatever) using the visual editor in Unity

- Fully customizable item. Name, icon, description, custom data, price. Playfab properties - IsConsumable, IsStackable, IsEquippable, IsTradebale, HasLifetime

- Categories for items. Divide your items into categories for ease of use and sorting (e.g. weapons, armors, potions, etc.)

- Packs of items. Unite items into groups so that, for example, they can be sold entirely in the store

5. Loot boxes

- Create your loot boxes / chests through the visual editor in Unity. Make rewards for players

- Fully customizable drop chance for each item

6. Chats

- Global, server, regional chat

- Chat history

- Group chat

- Private chat between players

- Ability to customize the maximum message length

7. Friends system

- Friends list

- Send / accept / decline friends request

- Friends private chat with message list and unread message count

8. Inventory

- Get inventory by category

- Equip item

- Use consumable items

- Ability to overwrite custom data for each item in the inventory. For example, you want to improve a sword in a forge

9. Clan system

- Create your own clans.

- Customize clans. Name, description, icon

- Ability to add custom data for the clan

- For non clan user - search clan, create clan, join clan, accept clan invitations.

- Clan management. Accept user join request. Ability remove clan user for admin. Change clan info. Remove clan

- Invite user to clan

- Clan chat

10. Leaderboard

- Players leaderboard based on player exp / level

- Clan leaderboard

- Friends leaderboard

- Ability to create your own leaderboard with your statistics

11. Tournament / league system

- Possibility of players to participate in tournaments

- Fully customizable tournaments with a visual editor for Unity. Create your own leagues with a limited number of players. At the end of the tournament, the player will automatically move to the next league if they take N place in the tournament

- Ability to set the time for the tournament (Hourly, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, custom period)

- Awards for tournaments. Customize prizes for each position

12. Daily rewards

- Players receive rewards for logging into the game every day

- Fully customizable rewards with visual editor for Unity

13. Roulette

- Players can try their luck at roulette

- Fully customizable roulette rewards and drop chances with a visual editor for Unity

14. Matchmaking

- Give players the opportunity to find each other to play together

- Single, Team, Duel Mode

- Search for a player by level or custom value

- Custom Unity editor to create own matchmaking queues


Powerful examples that can be used in production. Optimized, using the pool manager for all spawn items. No memory leak. Endless scroll is used for all UI elements where needed

If you have any questions - please contact us -