Group Objecs

This utility adds a feature to the Unity editor to group objects by a simple keyboard shortcut.

In Unity, if you have many game objects in the hierarchy and you want to group them under a new game object you should create an empty game object and then select the objects and drag them under it. When you have so many objects in your scene this becomes tiresome. Also, it is tedious work when you want to ungroup them.

By using this utility you just need to select your objects and press Ctrl+G (Cmd+G on Mac) to group them.

If you want to ungroup the selected objects, press Ctrl+U (Cmd+U on Mac).

The main difference between this grouping tool and other tools in the market is the ungroup feature. When you ungroup an object deep inside the hierarchy tree by doing the ungroup action, each time the object goes one level up in the hierarchy. Its behaviour is similar to the Maya's outliner. I've designed this tool exactly like the Maya's outliner.