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Total themes: 112

Unique themes: 57

Modified themes: 55

Use cases:

  • As the main theme for your game. In the asset, there are themes for different types, such as: Pixel Art, Sci-Fi, Casual, RPG, and many more.
  • To show different damage type such as: Fire damage, healing, poison, bleeding, critical strikes, etc.
  • To be sold as microtransaction in your game.
  • Different characters have different numbers, for example, the player has X theme, a normal enemy has Y theme and a Boss has Z theme.
  • And many more.

The asset can be easily modified to suit your game.

Works with:

  • Unity 2019.3 and 2019.4
  • Unity 2020 versions
  • Unity 2021 versions
  • Standard Pipeline
  • HDRP
  • URP

The asset uses the TextMeshPro sprite asset system, which is freely available within Unity using the package manager.