ZSerializer will make it easy to Serialize your scripts, encrypt them, and Save them onto the player's hard drive, with no extra coding needed :)


  • Persistent Components: You can make a serializable version of any MonoBehaviour, just by just changing a single line of code!
  • Persistent GameObjects: You can save a GameObject in its entirety, just by adding the Persistent GameObject Component to it! This will save the name, tags, layer, staticness and Transform!
  • Serializable Unity Components: You will also be able to save Unity Components! When you run the Setup, ZSerializer will automatically create serializers for every Unity Component on your current version!
  • Encryption: You can choose to encrypt your save files using the Rijndael Algorithm
  • Multiple Save Files: You can have as many save files as you want, and change at any given time which save file you write to and read from
  • No extra coding required: ZSerializer will take care of all of the overhead that comes with making a Saving & Loading System, to the point where you only need to worry about when to Save, Load, and change Save Files :)