Roman Assault (Low Poly)

Tons of high-quality stylized assets are ready to use for your stylized/low-poly game!

The package consists of various assets to build grand and impressive Rome-related scenes.

Works great along with this Rome Pack.

[Mobile friendly]

[SSR Pack] -> More info in the "About" section on the publisher profile.

URP Compatibility:

To use the asset pack with the Universal Render Pipeline -> convert Project Materials to URP Materials.


  • Tons of assets all around the "Roman Assault / Siege" theme
  • Color customization with texture atlases
  • Suitable for first-person, third-person, or top-down games
  • Characters with fully customizable materials


4 x Characters

(Female & Male Citizens, Roman Legionaire, Centurio)

2 x Siege Weapons

(Catapult and Siege Tower)

  • Modular Walls
  • Towers
  • Debris, Rocks, and Platforms
  • Urban Buildings
  • Combat Equipment, Ladder
  • Encampment and Related Props
  • Carts, Supplies, and Crates
  • Weapons and Racks

A demo for a sample city scene is included.


All assets are created in a low poly art style.

Tris range from 20 all the way up to 2000 for large detailed assets.

Additional Information:

Shaders, effects, skyboxes, and cinematic scenes from screenshots are not included!

If you have any questions feel free to ask them!