Designed mainly with Architects or Interior Designers in mind, Architect Tools allow you to cut design time drastically by giving you the tools for numerous commonly used features in the industry. And also, the demo scene shown in the videos is included!

Base Settings

You can show various information on a pre-made UI that sits on the bottom-left corner of the screen like the Company Name, Client Name, Project Name or Designer name set in here.

1-Realtime Material Selector Module

This module allows you to add alternative materials on your objects for your clients or users to select while running your build. Fully integrated with its own UI, raycast selector and tooltip. It takes just seconds to add new materials to your object and prepare it for real time use. Works with any kind of Material

2-Model Inspection & Modification Module

Shows useful data on your models and more importantly, it makes suggestions on how you can improve your model if there is something to be concerned of like its triangle count, or sub mesh count. It can also split your submeshes into their own GameObjects for ease of use.

3-Day-Night Light Module

This module adds a default light setting to your scene (default lights are added only in HDRP), while also allowing you to add or remove your own lights and volumes for real time day night switch. It adds its own UI and corresponding buttons to the scene as well to ease the process.

4-Weather Effects Module

You can add different weather conditions to your scene with this module, and you can easily configure their parameters with just a few sliders. Currently it has Rain and Snow effects but more weather conditions are considered for future updates.

5-Look & Feel Module

This module contains seasonal looks for your scene, and also includes a real time switcher to be used in your build switch to any look from fall, winter, spring or summer or the default one. Please beware that this module only works in HDRP. Check the supported render pipelines and technical details section for details.

6-Camera Module

With this module, you can switch between different methods of exploring your design. With just a few clicks and sliders, you'll be able to switch your movement type and give it the right speed or sensitivity.

Architect tools is designed to be easy, and while it does not require code, it's fully C sharp and all the source code is included with the package.