Audio Tool

  • We have created the definitive Unity audio management tool.

  • With it you can forget about the code to add your audio tracks to your game.

  • The main thing is that you can easily set all the audio for your project, and configure it.

  • You can automatically set events and subscribe them to the tracks too.


AUDIO TOOL is made up of two great components, Audio Manager for configure all the mixers and tracks. And Audio Player, which gives you the option to subscribe to any event of your scripts, or even to create it without the need for code at any time.


We have developed a graphical interface, in which without programming, you can easily add tracks and mixers. The tool itself is responsible for automatically generating the necessary audio sources.

With two different sections, each with its configurable graphical interface, you can add mixer and adjust each one separately. When you have added the mixers, you will be able to add the necessary tracks with its own interface, with multiple configuration options.


This component gives you the option to subscribe any event that you have at any script into the actual GameObject, or even to create those events without having to code at any time.