Nature Environment Pack

The package contains a handful collection of models and props to create a beautiful and realistic nature environment.

- Including

Models: The Package includes 128 high quality models.Vertices range from 6 for the

simplest models to 20K for the most complex meshes(In averageUnder 5K)

Textures: Most Textures are 2K but they range from 256x256 for the small ditails up to 4K resolution.Also including 16 Terrain Layers.

Coliders: All Prefabs have Mesh Coliders and they are ready to use.


Shaders: All materials use Unity's Standard Shaders for better upgradability to URP & HRP.

LOD: All Prefabs have LOD Components , BUT it is only for bettert terrain compatibility.Models do not have multiple LOD meshes.

The screenshots were achieved using Unity 2019.4 using Post Processing(Not included) , Standard RP and Unity's "Nature/TreeSoftOcclusion" Shaders.