This is a set of very simple and easy to use 2d shader effects, include glow shader, outline shader, hologram shader, glitch shader, blink shader, gradient shader, shine shader, shadow shader, vibrate shader, teleport shader, dissolve shader, distortion shader, fade shader, twirl shader, pixelate shader, blur shader, water shader, snow shader, gray shader, reverse shader, normal shader。If you want to develop a 2D game. Then this asset is prefect for you. You don't need to write any shader by yourself, you can use this package directly to achieve the effect you want, and it can be integrated into your project very easily. The graph shader file exposes multiple parameters for you to adjust. Let you adjust the snow effect of many different parameters by yourself. Due to the cool effect achieved by using the shader, all performance losses are small, and the mobile platform can also run perfectly.

PS:Only support URP(Universal Renderer Pipeline),LWRP(Light Weight Renderer Pipeline)

Main Features:

1. Easy to integrate into your project, no need to write any shader and code

2. Support URP (Universal Renderer Pipeline), LWRP (Light Weight Renderer Pipeline)

3. Contains 23 kinds of effects that have been adjusted, of course you can adjust countless effects through the exposed shader parameters

4. Some shader effects include scripts and sound effects, making it easier for you to use

5. You can modify the attributes exposed by the shader

6. Support Android, IOS, Windows and other platforms

7. Clear demo

8. Cheap

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