Spaceship interior sound effects all-in-one FX sound pack

The spaceship interior sound effects sample pack is a basic "bring-to-life" FX kit containing 475 high-quality sounds with the theme of space-ship, science-fiction, cyberpunk.

As a game-dev, you usually invest many hours in finding affordable sounds that fit together. This fresh soundscape provides the basic SFX for your project and delivers the necessary atmosphere in one product.

Download the documentation here to get all details:

All files are clearly catalogued and sorted by characteristic for quick processing.


The soundmap consists of:

[ 290 sound effects ]
alien, control panels, door, ventilation-shaft, switches, system sounds, levers, footsteps, ladder, laser-gun, elevator, keyboard, mechanics, metal, robot.

[ 185 loops ]
alarm, ambience, countdown, cpu, electro, bathroom fittings, rooms, laboratory, sci-fi devices, medical station, pipes, engines, steam, motion-detector, ventilation.

And of course: the "sound map" as a visual example of use, in the shape of a spaceship.

[ Loops ]
All loops are seamless and have different lengths for better sound textures in the mix.

[ Stereo ]
Some sounds are also supplied with a stereo panned version. This simplifies the use in certain game scenes; for example: a cutscene in a lift or first person movement. These audio files also have the extension "_stereo".

[ Split Stereo ]
As a special feature, the collection contains a few SFX whose stereo channels are split into individual sounds. Placed properly, this provides a richer room sound. These files have the ending "-left", "-middle" and "-right".

[ Layer ]
Combine audio files with "-layer" for the optimal mood in the mix.

[ Quality ]
All audio files have their full frequency range and can be adjusted in-engine by filters to fit perfectly. The SFX have a dry room character, great for sound zones with simulated room characteristics.

[ Package contains ]
- 290 sound effects
- 185 loops

[ Format ]
- Stereo WAV files
- High quality 16 bit / 44.1 kHz

- Works on all platforms
- Works with any version

- Number of audio wavs: 475
- Does SFX loop: Yes (partly)