Fortune Spin Wheel - Real Physics

Presentation :

  • This wheel is easy to install and to customize, with several possibilities like the wheel color for all the elements, images, sound, texts, color, color of each box
  • Working with mobile compatibilities, this wheel uses a real rotational force, and offers you easy gain assimilation

Prefabs included :

  • Wheel6x (a wheel with 6 boxs inside)
  • Wheel8x (a wheel with 8 boxs inside)
  • Wheel10x (a wheel with 10 boxs inside)
  • Wheel6xRed (a wheel custom with red color)
  • Wheel6xGreen (a wheel custom with green color)
  • Wheel6xBlue (a wheel custom with blue color)
  • Wheel6xYesNo (a funny custom wheel with yes & no, to answer your questions)

The wheel customization :

For the wheel :

  • Set the wheel spin force
  • Set background sprite (WheelBack0, WheelBack1)
  • Set wheel background color
  • Chose wheel size by prefabs (Wheel6x, Wheel8x, Wheel10x)
  • Set special box sprite (SpecialBox0, SpecialBox1, SpecialBox2)

Inside the wheel :

  • Set the box id for each box
  • Set the sprite color for each box
  • Set the special box (True or False)
  • Set the sprite of item inside box for each box
  • For each item, set the scale
  • For each item, set the y position
  • Set the text inside box
  • For each text, set the font
  • For each text, set the font size
  • For each text, set the color
  • For each text, set the y position