Modern and Clean UI Pack OFFICIAL SALE

Need a modern and clean interface with smooth animations? with this pack you can do that quickly and easy! it contains over 208 prefabs with different styles and features of UI components ready to use into your project, it also contains a demo scene where you can copy or edit prefabs and examples.


  • Buttons : tons of animated buttons in different colors like gradients and also different styles such as icon buttons, outline buttons, filled buttons and buttons with icons, all animated and customizable as you like.

  • Different button animations : many animations that can turn a standard normal button in something more cool and fun to interact with.

  • Automatic gradient color : edit any image to give it a gradient effect using all the colors you want easily without wasting time creating other images

  • Sprites with sliced outline or borders : adapt these sprites in any size without getting them ruined and keeping their actual shape

  • Loading bar with both radial and slider animations : many different loading styles and effects like radial and slider loadings both that shows percentage, there are also some that are even loopable

  • Animated custom input fields : replace standard and static input fields with cooler ones that can be animated and customizated as you like

  • Dropdowns : a different cool style of dropdown that have both dark and light theme

  • Hover and click tooltips : show some hidden tips or helpful messages to your users by clicking on a simple button, if you don't want them to click a button they can also just hover their cursor on the area of a button and they will see it.

  • Menu manager component : need a way to display different pages of your cool menu? you can also easily create a menu that has buttons you can interact with that will show or switch pages using smooth transitions

  • Notifications manager : notifications can be automatically generated with different a ,title, description, icon and animation, you can take the already made prefabs or just edit the animations to get what seems to you better.

  • Smooth transitions : a few cool clean transitions animations that can welcome the user to each page smoothly and quickly that makes everything look cooler

  • Selection sliders : they are basically a dropdown but you don't see the other options only the number of options unless you don't press one of the 2 arrows to navigate and choose the options you want, a cool component if you don't want to use dropdowns, this can be easily implemented by taking the prefabs and on the component change the options to what you want.

  • Slider range : sliders range are a different type of sliders where you choose your values between a range of numbers you decide, this can be done very easily by using the already done prefabs and you can also customize or change the style pretty easily as you like

  • Sliders : there are a few slider styles that can be edited as you like

  • Switches : switches are basically animated toggles, there are a ton of styles that you can change directly from the component.

  • UI particles : basically particles that work on interfaces

  • Example of login system script : a login example you can use for your games or apps that can be easily edited as you like.

and more!