Military Pack - Stylized Low Poly

An enormous stylized low-poly pack to create your own Action Shooter-Game and design levels covering multiple settings and biomes.

All 5 demo scenes from screenshots included


-Fully customizable Military Stations with

-Tons of customizable weapons, helmets, equipment, and attachments

-Various Modular Characters to use for the player, enemies, or NPC's

-Warfare in Different Biomes and Settings

URP Compatibility:

-In order to use the asset pack with the Universal Render Pipeline, simply convert Project Materials to URP Materials

Package Contains:


-Barracks Quarter

-Military Hangar

-Military Warehouse

-Variety of Military Tents

-Control Station

-Variety of Watchtowers

-Satellite Dish Station

-Many City Buildings + Damaged Ruins (Near East Inspired)

-Many Jungle Huts (Vietnam Inspired)

Weapons and Attachments

-Variety of Assault Rifles

-Machine Pistols

-Carbine Rifles


-Sniper Rifles

-Rocket launchers


-Battle Knives and Machete



-Optical Sniper Sight

-Telescopic Scope

-Various Handgrenades

-Smoke grenade

-Incendiary Grenade

-Stick Bomb



Helmets and Hats (various colors and patterns)

-Military Helmets Type 1 and 2

-Bucket Hats

-Army Caps

-General/Officer Hat

-Beret Caps

-Baseball Hats


-Asian Conical Hat

-Gas Mask

12 Vehicles

-3 different Tanks

-Combat Helicopter


-Missile Launcher

-Military Van

-Missile Transporter

-Gas Transport Truck

-Personnel Transport Truck

-Medic Truck





-Hesco Bastion

-Wooden Crates

-Ammunition Crates

-Gas Tanks

-Head Lights

-Street Light

-Electricity Tower

-Fuel Tanks




-Tank Barrier

-Beds, Lockers

-Drinks and Cigarettes

-Dumbells and Bags

-Bullet Shells

-Brick Piles

Modular Pieces


-Ruin Pieces

-Cover Walls

-Chainlink Fences

-Car Tracks

-Pedestrian Walks


-Entrance Gate

-Floor Tiles


-Various Trees







-Small Stones

Modular Characters

-Multiple texture variations, weapons, helmets, hats, attachments, and more to construct a wide variety of characters for your game (See screenshots)

-Rigged skeletal meshes are included (no animations)

Other Info

-Texture Sizes: 1024x1024 and 2048x2048

-All Assets come with prefabs that are super easy to use!

-Polycount ranges: From 10 for smaller Props up to 5000 for large tanks

-Works on Unity Versions 2017.1.0 or higher.