Goblin sword shield AnimSet OFFICIAL SALE

Goblin sword shield AnimSet is included 30 anims.

This asset pack is for monster.
It is built on idle such as the Goblin Warrior AnimSet.

Main Animation List:

Idle 4
Attack 4
Avoid 2
defence 2
Dead 3
Bound 4 (This 4 motion are the same motions as the Goblin Warrior AnimSet)
hit 2
Rise 1
Roll 2
move 2 (walk & Run)
stun 1 (Start/Loop/End)
showup 1

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Notes on purchasing multiple wemakethegame assets:
Assets from the past use the same GUID, so there is a possibility of asset package conflicts.

We'll show you how to bypass them.
(*There is a possibility of crashing when importing directly from the Asset Store.)

1. Create a new project, download and save an asset.
2. Import it into your project.
3. For other projects, create a new Unity project and import it into your project.