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• Over 800 prefabs, ranging from modular buildings and interior assets, to vehicles, road system and characters.

• Modular assets for building your own houses, interiors, shops, road system and much more.

• Over 70 pre-made building and interior presets.

• Vehicles with interiors and openable doors, trunks and detachable wheels.

• Customizable characters and pre-made presets. (Character poses indicative only).

• A large demo scene incorporating all assets from package.

Asset list


(x6) Character templates and (x26) Character Presets.

Templates include:

(x2) Casual Wear, Male & Female

(x2) Leisure Attire, Male & Female

(x2) Office Attire, Male & Female


(x30) House Presets, (x8) Garage Presets, (x4) Shops, (x32) Interior Presets.

Modular assets used in creating the presets:

(x349) House Kit Pieces

(x49) Bathroom Props

(x153) Living & Bedrom Assets

(x75) Kitchen Assets

(x23) Shop Assets


(x29) Road Assets

Modular assets used in creating the road layout:

(x11) Road Kit Pieces

(x5) Streetlights & Stoplights

(x12) Streetsigns

(x1) Manhole


(x22) Vehicles

Variants include:

(x6) SUV's

(x3) Convertible Sportscars

(x3) Sedans

(x3) Minivans

(x1) Garbage Truck

(x2) Motorcycles

(x2) Scooters

(x1) Lawnmower

(x1) Wheelbarrow

Vegetation Assets

(x43) Plants & Trees

Vegetation Assets include:

(x12) Trees

(x25) Flowers & Plants

(x6) Bushes

Exterior Assets

(x63) Miscellaneous assets, such as: Fence Kits, Pavement pieces, Benches, Umbrellas,

Mailboxes, Rocks, etc.

This package works perfectly with other assets from the collection:

Toon Series

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