Give your FPS project a unique edge with this AAA-quality asset pack: customize the SCAR-L on the battlefield in first-person with slick animations that transition between customized states (add/remove/toggle foregrips, stocks, suppressors and sights)! A pre-configured state machine and basic animation controller script are also provided so that you can continue to focus on working on your project without any implementation headaches.

Package includes:

60+ AAA game-ready FPS animations;

pre-configured state machine and animation controller script;

● one customisable AAA game-ready SCAR-L weapon model with FPS arms;

● hybrid-sights, holographic sight and iron sights.

Animation state information:

2x suppressor states: detached and attached;

● suppressor attach/detach animations to transition between states;

3x foregrip states: detached, attached and extended;

● foregrip attach/detach/toggle animations to transition between states;

2x iron-sight states: flipped up and flipped down;

● iron-sight toggle animations to transition between states.

2x stock states: collapsed and extended;

● stock open/close animations to transition between states.

Animation list (each animation appears 3 times, one for each of the main states):

● draw weapon;

● holster weapon;

● reload empty;

● reload fast;

● reload slow;

● check magazine weight (shake magazine);

● fire weapon hipfire;

● fire weapon ADS;

● toggle safety;

● hybrid sight opening;

● hybrid sight closing;

● front iron-sight opening;

● front iron-sight closing;

● rear iron-sight opening;

● rear iron-sight closing;

● idle;

● inspect weapon;

● suppressor on;

● suppressor off;

● foregrip on, toggle extension;

● foregrip on;

● foregrip off.

All video previews and screenshots were created in the Unity Engine

The trailer video and screenshots showcase the Built-in RP demo scene