Dance Animset Pro OFFICIAL SALE

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Dance Animset Pro

Dance Animset Pro will help you create beautiful, creative and modern dance games.

It Includes 130 Animations with 30 Dance Set Animations.

Dance Scenes Includes:

- Arms Hip Hop Dance

- Bboy Hip Hop Combo

- Belly Dance Combo

- Booty Hip Hop Dance

- Breakdance Combo

- Chicken Dance Can Can

- Dancing Combo

- Dancing Maraschino Step

- Dancing Twerk Combo

- Flair Dance Combo

- Gangnam Style

- Head Spinning Combo

- Hip Hop Dancing Combo

- Hokey Pokey Dance

- House Dancing Combo

- Jazz Dancing Combo

- Locking Hip Hop Dance Combo

- Macarena Dance

- Moonwalk Dance

- Northern Soul Dance Combo

- Robot Hip Hop Dance

- Rumba Dancing

- Salsa Dancing Combo

- Samba Dancing Combo

- Silly Dancing

- Slide Hip Hop Dance Combo

- Swing Dancing Combo

- Thriller Dance Combo

- Tut Hip Hop Dance Combo

- Wave Hip Hop Dance Combo

- Ymca Dance


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Android - Tested

iOS - Tested

Mac Standalone - Tested

Windows Standalone - Tested

Linux Standalone - Tested

Documentation Included

If any issue please contact me. I will reply as soon as possible.