WAND AND CIRCLES: HYPEPOLY - Battle Royale Show is a big asset of models which will help you to create your game. When we creating asset we were focused to create a great asset for battle royale runner game genre. But in reality, the use of this asset is limited only by your imagination!

-WND Prefab Variator

Component for out prefabs, which will help you to fast level prototyping, change color/style/size/type of prefab by only one click

-8 Textures

A different textures, which radically change the look of models and add a lot of variety


Balancing platform, balls and balls dispensers, fans, cubes, doorways, hanging obstakles, mooved pillars and walls, hammers, platforms, sticks, etc


-38 ready to use prefabs with animation/simple script/WND Prefab Variator

-Fences x21

-Floors x131 (Straights, fats, rotates, crossroads, circles, expansions)

-Modular fence (24 pillars, 9 main parts)

-Hexagon platforms x20

-Square platforms x33

-Props x93 (It's a modular props, with which u can create a different levels for your game, included a platforms of different sizes and forms, gates, pillars, borders, walls, etc)

-Obstakles separated by parts x270 (All obstakles separated by their parts is included and you can combine it how you want)

-Decor clouds x4

*On screenshots and video we use a Unity Post Processing profiles, which doesn't include in asset, but you can do it by yourself in few minutes.