Assets have been prepared with hand painted PBR materials for universal render pipeline (URP) and are color matched to work together in three different themes: Dark, Summer and Fall (demo scenes included).

Key Features

  • 49 Unique models,
  • 141 Drag and drop prefabs,
  • Level of detail meshes included,
  • Optimized colliders,
  • Includes 10 Grass textures and 9 different meshes for terrain detail (Unity terrain),
  • 3 Color variants (night, fall and summer) with demo scenes,
  • Includes Animated foliage shader,
  • Created and compatible with Universal Render Pipeline (URP).

Included Assets

Leafy trees (5x, 4 LOD levels), Firs (5x, 4 LOD levels), Young Trees (6x, 3 LOD levels), Bushes (3x, 3 LOD levels), Rocks (5x, 3 LOD levels), Mossy Rocks (4x, 3 LOD levels), Pixie Ferns (2x, 3 LOD levels), Dead Trees (2x, 3 LOD levels), Tree Stump (1x, 3 LOD levels), Mushrooms (7x, 3 LOD levels), Ferns (3x, Terrain Detail Mesh), Small Stones (3x, Terrain Detail Mesh), Grass Bunches (3x, Terrain Detail Mesh), Grass Bunch Textures (8x), Flower Bunch Textures (2x).


Textures sizes from 512x512 to 8k (terrain textures)

Poly count from 20 to 10k (check documentation for detailed information table)

Up to 4 LOD levels for each asset


  • Made with Unity 2020 LTS but works with earlier versions,
  • Universal Render Pipeline (URP) supported,
  • Support for Unity terrain.

Support & Information

Documentation | Support E-mail