Idle clicker strategy kit

Wild West life right in your phone!

Are you another adventurer? Sit down and listen!

Wild Horizon is a free strategy game, a western-style mixture of clicker and idle.

You and your colonists must create a settlement in a short time, supply the front with resources, and monitor the economy of your city.

Survive in harsh conditions, build, develop your settlement, explore technologies, trade, and also extract necessary and rare resources.

Real people who lived at that time will take part in your strategy.

★ Build a city where thousands of free citizens will live!

★ Develop the economy, trade and send resources to the front.

★ Hire cowboys, Indians, and just bandits to serve you. They are reliable prototypes of people.

★ Complete various tasks, but remember that your main task will be to help the front with resources and people.

★ Hand-drawn location.

Example for Android

Save & Load

★ Now saving and loading works through Player Prefs

★ We add the ability to save and load via a database uses SQLite by default, which works out of the box and without any additional setup whatsoever. SQLite was developed for military grade systems and has 100% test coverage while being extremely easy to use, which is just what we need.


★ Pop-up messages on the Main screen

★ A list of all notifications with the ability to view and close them

★ Push messages Android and MacOs


★ Story and Achievement

★ May have a prior quest

★ Required resources and their quantity

★ Required buildings

★ Required studies

★ The progress is displayed as a percentage


★ Resources

★ Instruments

★ Weapons

★ Hero parts

* Rarity can be adjusted for all items - each item's rarity is displayed in its own color



Each study may require:

- Number of workers

- Resources and money

- Necessary studies

- Necessary buildings


★ Hunters

★ Cowboys

★ Indians

★ Mexicans

★ Sheriffs

★ Bandits


★ Boosters helping to develop and improve your city faster - get more resources and inhabitants, reduce the time of construction and study


★ You can buy the necessary resources, parts of heroes, game currency, disable ads and various sets


★ Audio volume

★ Notifications

★ Localization




Сan be modified to your needs easily:

* Scriptable Objects for custom Items/Skills/Quests/Recipes.

* 100% of the source code is included.

Absence panel if the game was minimized or closed.

★ The time that the player was not in the game and the resources that were obtained during the absence are displayed


★ Networking

Continue to develop ...