This Set is a premade craft with interior.

If on the contrary you want to build your own, check the Kit dugout AUGMENTED instead.



*This is Publisher’ vision of the Asset. For actual facts check with video/screenshots.

This Asset is the Sci-Fi Heavy Station Set SHUTTLE-1, and it is about:

All Clear Chassis are ready to buckle up allowing

The Roaring Engines in purple flames

Follow the Consoles' programmed route while sitting at

Ironed in Cockpit in a comfortable seat till shift is over, waiting

Cryotherapy and well-deserved rest using massage pillow.



Post Processing first to see Asset as shown:

- Clean Project is recommended

- Window -> Package manager -> Post Process -> Install

- Import the Asset


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OK to leave extras alone to pay less OR want to try first?

Get normal version of Sci-Fi Heavy Station Kit dugout for $35, save 50%! You can always Upgrade later.

Upgrade allows Owners of normal version get AUGMENTED by paying the difference only.

The price of AUGMENTED will change accordingly if logged in Unity Asset Store Account.