Ultimate Beach Girls OFFICIAL SALE

Scarlett, Abigail and Dahlia are ready for summer and adorned with tons of mix-and-match options. Not interested in the beach? That's ok! The swimwear is incorporated into the textures so the models can also be used as base meshes for your own clothing creations.

This pack contains multiple outfits and hairstyles, facial expression/lip-sync blendshapes, rigged hair for use with physics assets, bonus props and a vast selection of textures and styles to customize to your preference.

Skin and hair are painted by hand, while clothing and accessory surfaces are largely comprised of textured fabrics and metallic accents. All three women are feature-rich, game-ready, rigged characters.

This package does not contain animations but all have been tested with various humanoid packs.


  • Three unique character models
  • Three hairstyles (two hat options)
  • Four bathing suits, one wetsuit
  • Removeable accessories, including a swim tank, sarong and flip flop sandals
  • Bonus beach props!

Includes 150 unique prefabs in per character! That's 450 total unique prefabs!

This asset is updated regularly, but you will always maintain access to previous versions via www.stellargameassets.com!