Viking Fantasy Pack - Stylized Low Poly

An enormous stylized low-poly pack to create your own Adventure set in a Norse Fantasy World inspired by Nordic / Vikings culture

5 demo scenes from screenshots included


-Fully customizable villages

-Tons of weapons, helmets, equipment, and attachments

-Various Modular Characters to use for the player, enemies, or NPC's

URP Compatibility:

-In order to use the asset pack with the Universal Render Pipeline, simply convert Project Materials to URP Materials

Package Contains:


-Jarl's Keep

-Norse housing


-Other Buildings

-Large Norse Statues


-Palisade Walls

-Large Norse Gatehouse

-Norse Watchtower

-Barrier Spikes

Weapons and Equipment

-Norse Axes

-War Axes


-Magical Staffs



-Norse Helmets

-Mythical Helmets

-Dwarven Armor

-Norse Shields

-Legendary Shields

Dwarven Citadel

-Dwarven Architecture Housing

-Dwarven City Walls

-Citadel Tower


-Legendary Dungeon Entrance

-Large Dwarven Bridge

-Dwarven Statues



-Fjord Cliffs


-Various Trees

-Landscape Mesh

-Snowy Cliffs


-Various Chests/Crates







-Fire Pots

-Plates, Pots, Spoons, Cups

-Various Tables and Desks

-Various benches and chairs





-Drinking Horns




-Blacksmith Tools


-Apples, Bread, Cheese

-Chicken, Mead, Soups, Wine

-Market Tents

Boats (Viking Longboats)

Versions with and without paddles

Variety of Textures for sail


-Explorer's Boat

-Trading Boat

Modular Pieces

-Norse Columns



-Dragon Head Sculptures

-Fences with Norse Patterns

-Dock Platforms and Stairs

-Harbour Stone Platform

-Road Tiles

Modular Characters

Multiple texture variations, weapons, helmets, hats, attachments, and more to construct a wide variety of characters for your game (See screenshots)

Rigged skeletal meshes are included (no animations)

Base meshes:

-Male Norse

-Female Norse




-Ice Giant

Other Info

-Texture Sizes: 1024x1024 and 2048x2048

-All Assets come with prefabs that are super easy to use!

-Polycount ranges: From 10 for smaller Props up to 9000 for large buildings

-Works on Unity Versions 2017.1.0 or higher.