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Fantasy Music Pack 2

Second in the series, Fantasy Music Pack 2 includes:
* Over 35 minutes of music and sound effects.
* Ambient tracks with rich layers and textures, battle music full of epic percussion and music ideal for exploring.
* Main tracks are broken down into sub ambient loops to give the user a broader spectrum of music.
* Fading music tracks perfect for game trailers and youtube videos.
* Epic Stingers.
* Magical sound effects.

Seamless looping music tracks included:
1. Awakening - Full Loop Version
--Awakening - Ambient Loop 1
2. The Elven Shrine - Full Loop Version
--The Elven Shrine - Ambient Loop 1
--The Elven Shrine - Ambient Loop 2
3. Ancient Forest - Full Loop Version
--Ancient Forest - String Loop Version
--Ancient Forest - String Loop No Percussion Version
--Ancient Forest - Ambient Loop 1
--Ancient Forest - Ambient Loop 2
--Ancient Forest - Ambient Loop 3
4. Traders Market - Full Loop Version
--Traders Market - Ambient Loop 1
--Traders Market - Ambient Loop 2
--Traders Market - Ambient Loop 3
--Traders Market - Ambient Loop 4
5. Over the Horizon - Full Loop Version
--Over the Horizon - Ambient Loop 1
--Over the Horizon - Ambient Loop 2
--Over the Horizon - Ambient Loop 3
6. Into the Darkness - Full Loop Version
--Into the Darkness - Ambient Loop 1
--Into the Darkness - Ambient Loop 2
--Into the Darkness - Ambient Loop 3
--Into the Darkness - Ambient Loop 4
--Into the Darkness - Ambient Loop 5

Fading music tracks included:
1. Awakening
2. The Elven Shrine
3. Ancient Forest
4. Traders Market
5. Over the Horizon
6. Into the Darkness
7. Epic Fantasy Trailer 1
8. Epic Fantasy Trailer 2

BONUS--10 Epic Stingers
BONUS--16 Magical Sound Effects Including:
2 Arcane Blast
Fire Spell
Heal Spell
4 Impact
3 Lightning Spell
Magical Whoosh Plus
Push Spell
Shield Spell
Spell Ambience
Thunderbolt Spell


All audio files are .wav 44,100 Hz, 16 Bit, Stereo.