Dense Coniferous Forest

A package focused on 3D vegetation using Unity Shader Graph / Discord

This package contains:

-A sample scene

-1 Architectural Model (Aged Cabin)

-52 different plant variations (4 materials)

-21 different tree variations (8 materials and 3 materials for billboards)

-17 different rocks variations with 33 different prefabs

-23 Different forest details like branch debris, pine cones, dry needle, Broken trunks, etc.

Total of 130 3D prefabs!

-The textures are 4K resolution

-4 Terrain layers

-3 special shaders to use with the vegetation (Graph included)

-1 shader to set moss on objects

-A manual that explains how to import more vegetation in the package.

-All assets are optimized with LOD's

Average rock geometry:

9324 - 2929 Triangles on LOD0 > 233 triangles on last LOD

Average Tree geometry:

Little Trees: 10,320 > 5,449 > 2,508 > 1259 > 6 Triangles

Middle Trees: 13,724 > 7904 > 4263 > 1060 > 6 Triangles

Tall Trees: 13,128 > 7359 > 3551 > 1398 > 6 Triangles

Gigant Trees: 33,946 > 10972 > 5776 > 2484 > 6 Triangles

This package was generated with Unity 2020.3.16f1 in HDRP

At the moment this package only supports HDRP, if you pretend to use it in URP or Standard RP, you will be able to use models and textures but not the shaders and the wind animation. In the case of URP, you must replace nodes in the shader graph to use it, there are some nodes compatible only with HDRP.

A quick alternative for URP or Standard RP is to use a tool like The Vegetation Engine

Are you interested only in the Ground Foliage? Click here