Layers Adaptive Audio System OFFICIAL SALE


Layers is a brand new way to make adaptive game audio. With Layers, you can quickly and easily build dynamic music systems and procedural sound effects using a simple, visual, node-based editor. Layers is the perfect tool for building best-in-class adaptive audio in Unity.

Layers is inspired by industry standard graph-based visual solutions for building shaders, materials, and code. Layers brings the same accessibility and ease of use to the development of audio systems.


• Quickly create next-generation procedural sound FX and dynamic music systems using a simple, visual, node-based system.

• Efficiently pool and reuse Sound Graphs across entire scenes for efficient and performant audio.

• Easily control all aspects of audio playback, including volume, position, and mixing

• Parameterize everything! Use game data to drive audio logic, and audio logic to drive game data.

• Variables and events are shared between sound assets and game code using generated classes. Integrating audio with gameplay has never been easier!

•A built-in MIDI editor and timeline makes sequencing a snap!

• Layers Integrates directly with Unity. No external tools are required, and Layers works with Unity's mixing system and FX pipeline out-of-the-box.


Layers is compatible with Unity 2019.1 and up.

Note, 2020.1 users may experience some editor performance issues due to changes in how Unity renders editors. This issue is fixed in 2020.2 and up.

Layers has been tested for Windows, Mac, and WebGL build targets


Screenshots show audio from the House Vibes asset store package from DARRY2VANCE