This collection includes 16 original water level songs with an incredible amount of variety.

It contains nearly 30 minutes of upbeat drum tracks, old school pixel style music, relaxing ambient pads, orchestral composition, and magical/ mysterious exploration music.

I wrote 'Ultimate Water Music Vol. 1' inspired by how ambiguous water level music can be. From deep sea exploration, to lively coral reefs, and sailing across the open seas. I've tried to include enough variety in the styles of music and instruments used so that there will be something for everyone in this collection.

Song Lengths:

1:54 Sonar Drums

1:30 Bubbles

5:18 Moonlight

1:02 Reef

4:10 Solace

2:15 Orca

0:53 Rockpools

1:38 Scuba Drums

1:08 Pirates

1:12 Coral

0:30 Tides

1:35 Vocal Pad

1:22 Pixel - Fishing

0:49 Pixel - Lakeside

2:39 Raindrop Rag

1:22 Water Ambience

I've also included a small SFX folder with bubble, piano and sonar sound effects.

All tracks are loopable with the exception of:

Solace, Orca, Lakeside & Raindrop Rag which start and end as normal songs.

A few of the songs included are from my previously released packs:

Both 'Pixel - Fishing' and 'Pixel - Lakeside' are from my Pixel Tune Collection, 

'Raindrop Rag' is from my Ragtime Collection,

& 'Water Ambience' is from my Water Level Music pack.

These packs are also on the asset store so check them out if you like the sound of those songs in particular!