Continuous Floating Origin OFFICIAL SALE

Continuous Floating Origin (CFO) A script asset that enables your games to scale without jitter, glitches or floating point error. Import it into a new project then follow documentation.

1. Many "floating origin" methods shift the player/camera relative to the origin. These shifty methods glitch, don't scale well in speed and size, and provide no speed optimisation opportunities. All solved by the real solution provided here.
2. Player/camera stays at the origin and the world is moved around the player. It appears as if the player is moving through the world. With first/third person view (see user document).
3. Player collisions. When the player/vehicle collides with an object, the player remains stationary and the entire world is moved away instead.
4. Rigid-bodies colliding with the player react normally using the unity physics.
5. Uses only single precision to achieve accuracy that normally requires double precision.

1. CFO is higher fidelity and more scalable than the conventional player movement.
2. CFO allows you to apply fast origin-centred optimisations. E.G. faster distance calculation and billboards rotations.
3. You can make larger open worlds without jitter, glitches or z-fighting.
4. Player movement will always be maximum fidelity and smoothness.
5. Math based activity, such as collisions and physics, will always be maximum accuracy.
6. Greater reliability from less error and jitter.
7. You will not have to use double precision variables that have to be type cast down to single precision.
8. Made to work with Rotation Floating Origin (more performance) and Dynamic Resolution Spaces (easier, flexible scaling of large worlds).
9. The code is portable across pipelines and hardware: it does not depend on a pipeline or graphics card capability.

In summary, you can scale your game and not worry about jitter and precision limits that occur with conventional camera movement, and shifty methods. You also gain extra fidelity and performance opportunities for free.