Use a selection of the 50 included prefabs or create your own mountain styles. Bake your own creations with the included colormap baking tool to have the best possible performance on desktop or mobile. The mountains can be rotated and scaled non uniformly and still maintain correct normals and blend together nicely. Check the video to see all features in action.

Documentation | Demo

  • production ready
  • 50 mountain models with 8 LOD levels each
  • infinite variations can be created with material settings
  • atlassed and highly packed textures
  • extremely customizable shaders
  • supports URP, HDRP, and Standard Renderpipeline
  • can be combined or batched to reduce drawcalls
  • dynamic snow, grass, dirt, sediment, flow, detail layers
  • colormap baking solution included to further optimize
  • ready to use prefabs
  • AAA quality at AAA performance
  • ready for mobile and desktop