Cartoon Interactive Grass URP

Support Android, IOS, Mac, Windows, other platforms have not been tested

One time purchase, free upgrade forever.

1. Out-of-the-box, fully procedurally generated, very simple, good interaction between characters and grass,Please watch the video!

2. Can act on any mesh and terrain, rendering independently

3. Designed specifically for URP and optimized for mobile platforms, high performance, full GPU rendering

4. Requires Unity official URP package support

5. Support shadow and gloss,Fully customizable colors!

6. Adjustable wind speed and intensity

7. Support adjustable LOD, obtain higher performance according to demand

8. Support IOS Metal rendering

9. Random height, custom height and width

10. Customize lower body color and upper body color

11. Complete brush tool support, which can be added, moved and modified

12 detailed operating documents, simple and easy to understand

Why choose our plug-in: While we provide plug-ins, we will provide long-term and stable updates, technical support, and timely problem feedback. Contact:, welcome!

Online documentation (support offline documentation):

Note: The test model involved in the video and screenshots is not included.

Compatibility note:

All platforms need to set Rendering in "Other Seetings", select "Auto Graphics API for Windows", and tick it. If you do not check this option. You need to choose according to the following instructions

Windows: Only Direct3D11 is supported, others are not supported,(DX12 will be supported in the future)

Mac and ios platforms: Metal is supported, but OpenGL Core mode is not supported

Android: supports Vulkan, supports OpenGLES3, does not support OpenGLES2