Arcade Racing Bundle

With our Arcade Racing Bundle you get two assets at once. Our Arcade Racing Kit helps you creating your very own arcade racing game, by providing a solid foundation. With Skill Drive you get a complete game, including a main menu, an animated level selection scene and 15 levels with inceasing difficulty.

• Arcade Racing Kit

Get started creating you own arcade style racing game in Unity with our new, clean and simple to use Arcade Racing Kit.

• Skill Drive

In this 3D arcade racing game you need to collect all blue cubes with your car. Sounds pretty easy right?! But you've only got 10 seconds to get each level done! Are you able to master all 15 levels?

With this asset you get the complete source project of Skill Drive - a 3D game developed for desktop and tested on Windows. It supports keyboard and gampad input, setup with Unity's new Input System and uses Cinemachine and Post Processing to create nice and smooth effects.