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An interpolation engine (like The Lerp Factory) is an essential component of pretty much any game that allows you to move stuff via code in a simple and quick manner, freeing you, the creator to focus on the more important designing and creation tasks, rather than the boilerplate of actual implementation.


  • Type safe object pooling static interface that supports both method chaining and params.
  • Easy to use: one namespace declaration (using LerpFactory) and then you are ready to go.
  • The scripting interface has been designed to minimise the intellisense footprint, without compromising functionality.
  • Lerps strings and Animation Curves.
  • 7 built in easing types (Lerp, Smoother Step, Sine, Cosine, Cubic Bezier, Overshoot, Bounce and Animation Curve).
  • Features wrap and ping pong (AKA yo-yo) looping options, with custom looping patterns an option.

Splines can interpolate using Linear, Cardinal, Quadratic Beizer, Cubic Beizer and BiQuadratic Beizer.

Rotation along splines options are: Linear, look at point/transform, look along path and blend. This last one allows you to smoothly lerp between different rotation interpolations.

Splines support out of phase segments, broken points, and interpath connections allowing networks of paths to be created.

Create new splines using shapes (parabola, segmented lines, helix and ngon or make your own) and these shapes can be influenced by other splines...so you can stack these shapes and splines on top of each other to easily create some very complex paths.