cyberpunk - Urban Steel

-=Urban Steel=-

This pack contains lowpoly (with LOD's) prefabs (modular) for creating cyberpunk sci-fi environments - 'city streets-like'.


● walls, walls props;

● flying robot-machines, animated, scripts system operated (see video preview);

● background traffic system;

● simple route system (super fast distance detection for it: no sqrt calculations, even no division, no multiplication calculations - opportunity to use high count of robot-machines for your scene);

● lightning effect;

● misc props (see video preview);

● textures 4K;

● 100-5000 tris;

● LOD's.

- for mobile devices developers: use lightmap baking, use occlusion culling, use baked light sources or light sources without shadows, set LOD Bias to '1' for performance.

- built-in, Universal, HDRP are supported (via built-in material upgrader: Edit > Render Pipeline > Upgrade materials to your SRP);

- comes as built-in + HDRP patch included.