Deadly Dungeons: Modern Traps OFFICIAL SALE

Deadly Dungeon Modern Traps is a realistic-looking all-in-one package. Setting up is very easy and works just right out of the box. The asset is highly customizable, supports a modular workflow, and easy to integrate with your system.

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- All-In-One package

- Modular Workflow with 38 trap parts, 10 security props, and 23 tools and valuables

- 30+ prebuilt traps for a quick start

- 15+ particles

- 25+ sound effects

- Procedural animations

- Integrated Damage System

- Built-in Visual & Audio effect handling

- Full Source Code

All-In-One package

We provide you everything you will need to populate your game with the meanest traps. 3D Models, particles, procedural animations, scripts, and sound effects too.

Procedural Animation

We can provide you much more control and customization with procedural animations than we would in the case of keyframe animation. You can change many different parameters from the inspector.

(check the online documentation for more info)

Components & Scripts

With the components and scripts, we added to this package, we cover a wide range of functionality. Starting from triggering and handling the traps, through controlling VFX and SFX, to a simple, yet extendable damage system.

Sound and Visual Effects

To make this asset even more complete, we added 28 sound effects and 18 particles for the package.

Manually tested in the following Unity Versions

2019 LTS, 2020 LTS


Perfect for any game genre, including:

- Adventure

- RPGs

- Rogue-like

- Souls-like

- Survival games

- Zombie games


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