Motion Titles Pack

Create stylish motion titles for your project easily!

• Fully Customizable

You can add or change almost everything using Unity inspector, no need to deal with code or external tools.

• Editor Tools

Instead of tweaking things one by one, tweak them all in seconds using the editor tools. Add gradients, change colors, fonts, thickness, animation speed - all by using Style Manager.

• Extendibility

Some MTP objects support additional content, so you can extend them by adding custom images, texts, or other UI components!

• Animator Support

MTP is using Unity Animator for its animations, allowing you to tweak the animations through the animation window without any hassle.

• Native UI Support

MTP is using the native Unity UI, so you can continue working the way you are used to and use third party UI extensions with it. MTP also works with all three canvas modes.

If you have any questions, suggestions or feedback, feel free to contact me.

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