Desert Environment - Town & Palace | CITADEL OFFICIAL SALE

Elevate your project with CITADEL today.

With this pack you can: rapidly create impressive desert town scenes with breathtaking realism.

Package includes:

● game-ready desert environment scene;

● 100+ game-ready assets optimised for quality and performance;

● 30+ modular palace facade models;

● 8 house & tower models;

● 15+ customizations for house & tower models;

● modular palace & town wall models;

● high-quality optimised PBR textures (albedo, AO, specular, normal) at 4096x4096;

● Built-in (Standard) and HDRP compatible materials;

● lush vegetation and props set: 2x palm trees, ivy, elm trees, pallets, canopies, satellite dishes, clotheslines and more!

All video previews and screenshots were created in the Unity Engine

The trailer video and screenshots showcase the HDRP demo scene