Shader Graph Markdown OFFICIAL SALE

Shader Graph Markdown supercharges your creativity by allowing you to create great-looking, easy-to-use custom shader editors right from Unity's Shader Graph.

Spend your time making great shaders and materials, not fiddling with default inspectors or custom code!

Shader Graph Markdown allows you to organize your shaders and materials with headers, foldouts, notes and more. No code required – decorate your shaders using a beginner-friendly visual workflow, and improve the Blackboard (where you edit shader properties) with a focus on readability and workflow speed.

⭐ Markdown Features ⭐

✔️ # Foldouts

✔️ ## Headers

✔️ Inline Textures &

✔️ Inline Textures &&

Inline Color Properties

✔️ Properties with [KEYWORD_CONDITIONS]

✔️ Texture and Boolean conditionals

✔️ ---Indented Properties

✔️ Built-in drawers for gradients, vector sliders, and more

✔️ Notes

✔️ Web Links

✔️ Custom Drawers with parameters

✔️ Combine all of the above!

✔️ Debug Section

✔️ Keyword Control

⭐ Compatibility ⭐

✔️ Unity 2019.4 – 2021.1

✔️ URP and HDRP 7 – 11

✔️ Built-In Render Pipeline

✔️ Amplify Shader Editor

Note: You can use the Custom Editor and Markdown Property System across all shaders and render pipelines.

⭐ Samples ⭐

Samples for all render pipelines are included.

Please install them via

Package Manager > In Project > Shader Graph Markdown > Samples.

⭐ Support ⭐

Needle Discord

Forum Thread

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