The Ultimate PBR Materials is the one-stop solution to your texture and material needs.

The first release has 300+ PBR Materials in 2K resolution. I’ve created this PBR Materials Pack for the ease of use of all Unity users.

The materials are simply to be dragged and dropped onto the models/objects. You can change a few parameters of these objects from the Material Inspector.

Most of the textures include Diffuse Map, Roughness Map, Normal Map, Displacement Map and Ambient Occlusion Map.

For ease of access, all Materials have their name beginning with M_.

There are a total of 300+ textures in the pack. All seamless, all 2048*2048 in size.


Bricks 10
Concrete 8
Creative 33
Fabric 36
Floor 31
Food 8
Glass 5
Metal 47
Plaster 10
Plastic 8
Rock 12
Roof 4
Sandstone 4
Sci-Fi 16
Scratches 4
Terrain 30
Wall 15
Wood 22