Succubus Female

Hello, made a Succubus, I hope you like it.
Enjoy watching everyone!

Succubus - Game Ready Low-poly 3D model
Technical Details

Full model - Verts: 37380, Faces: 37670, Tris: 67983.

There is a version with two succubus heads as well as a human version.

As for the morphs, to open the mouth and blink the eyes, you need to move two full bodies at the same time, since the base grids are separate. Or move the bones as you like. The wings can be moved, both with bones and morphs.

To rotate the head, you need to move the Head bone. The Face_root bone is used to distribute the facial bones, to rotate the head, you need to allocate the head bone.

The jaw opens with an extra jaw bone, and there are also bones in the lips (the upper, lower and corners of the lips for extra control, you can do ugly, anger). Added bones to the cheeks (you can puff out (chewing effect), as well as bones of the eyes and eyebrows. You can roll your eyes, sweep or and make eyebrow gestures.

Textures Resolution and Sets : 4096x4096 (normal, metallic, roughness, albedo, AO) - Body, Clothes, Eyes, Hair, Mouth, Weapons.

The model is built on Humanoid rigged.If the starting pose of your animations is slightly different from the pose in the model, you will need to slightly tweak the position of the bones in the config).