Universal Interaction System OFFICIAL SALE

Universal Interaction System (UIS) - Convert ANYTHING to interactable!

What is UIS ? - Universal Interaction System is a modular system that can convert Any object to an interactable object in a few clicks! Also, it is integrated with Rayfire and HQ FPS TEMPLATE out of box (Only 1 click!).


-Now supports VR (contact me for detailed setup)

- Supports mobile perfectly! (contact me for detailed setup),

Also, Check the 4th media video.

( Demo | Mail | Discord | Youtube | Docs | Roadmap )

[💡 Features ]

• Integrated with Rayfire and HQ FPS TEMPLATE out of box (Only in one click!).

• Detailed Documentation with every possible setup, example.

• Convert Anything to an interactable object in seconds!

• Demo scenes for Rayfire, HQ FPS TEMPLATE, Standard with BUILT-IN RP


• Carry System you can grab and carry physical objects with your player.

• Examine System you can inspect/examine objects and grab them (Check showcase)

• Carry System & Examine System can be easily integrated with any FPS asset,

we are using Unity Events for locking / Unlocking player view and picking up.

• Barrier System you can block anything with "planks, chairs..." and break them!

• Key/Lock System you can lock interactable objects and open them with the right key.

• Slam Open System you can slam, force break your objects with your player.

(Supports Character Controllers and Rigidbody based controllers out of box)

• Separated Chest System creates chests and pick up items inside it!

• Electricity System You can easily convert any object to work with electricity:

("Generators, Wind turbines, Solar panels...").

• Clickable interactable you can create: "Medkits, radio, phones..." with this!

• There is no limit! You can create anything. (A chest, radio, lamp,

generator, solar panel, door, cabinet, drawer, sideways door...).

• Lots of Unity Events to make your game easy to integrate with UIS!

• Throw & Drop system for carrying items with collision sound system that

supports multiple sounds (metal, wood, concrete) join our discord server

for the audios.

[🕒 Upcoming.. ]

> For details please check: Roadmap.

[⚠️ Read Before Purchasing ]

- The models & materials inside the asset don't support URP & HDRP RP for now. But

the system supports URP & HDRP & BUILT-IN RP out of box!

- There are currently 4 demo scenes for "HQ FPS TEMPLATE, Rayfire & HQ FPS, Rayfire, UIS Standard".

- There is no limit! You can convert everything to: "Electrical, Blocked, Breakable, Interactable".

- UIS v1.0 supports Rayfire v1.37 or later & HQ FPS TEMPLATE v1.3.01 & later.

- Please contact me from the links above before making a review or check the Documentation.

[ 🛑 Disclaimer ]

- This asset uses [Some open-source game assets] for the DEMO SCENE under [ open for commercial, distribution, modification: "CC0" license]; see NOTICE.txt file in the package for details.

Have fun! And please don't forget to review.