AR Shooter (AR Foundation: ARKit, ARCore) — Augmented Reality: FPS Game Template

AR Shooter — first-person AR Survival Shooter: kill the zombies and save your life with full immersion in the game! It's a complete mobile FPS game in Augmented Reality for a wide range of mobiles. AR Safety First.

AR Engine

The game uses 2 AR Engines with auto selection:

1. AR Foundation (ARCore, ARKit) with the next features:

Real Plane Detection (includes tutorial, visual plane confirmation/resetting, placing the game around the player).

AR Safe Zone. The player needs to stay in the Safe Zone to avoid accidents during the game, meet enemies with honor and continue the game itself! The game will be paused when leaving the Safe Zone.

AR Onboarding UX with Transparent Video Manuals & AR States.

— AR Light Estimation: estimates light data in physical space and applies it to game space.

2. AR Camera Lite will be used when AR Foundation is not supported by the mobile device. It’s also used when Testing in Unity Editor: the game in Editor is always run with this Engine. Check Video Demo.

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Bring the enchanting Power of Augmented Reality into your amazing AR Shooting Game or App:

  • Feel the Effect of Presence with AR.
  • Kill 3 Types of Zombies in Real World: Bunnies, Bears & Elephants.
  • Defend “Iron Throne” from Enemy Damage.
  • Be Warned about Enemy Attacks through Red Fullscreen Flashes & Health Bar.
  • Restart the Game without Scene Reloading.
  • Real-Time AR Shadows (docs).
  • Mobile Optimizations:
    • Object Pool with separate Enemy Manager for each Zombie prefab to manage the memory;
    • TextMesh PRO for Texts to update them when really needed.

Package Contains

  • Unified Demo Scene for both AR Engines with Tutorial.
  • AR Camera Lite (docs).
  • AR Shadows (docs).
  • Menu Scene with AR Safety Tutorial.
  • Permission Scene with Camera Permission Request using free Native Camera.
  • Loading Screen to switch scenes seamlessly.


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