TrueAudio gives you realistic game-audio by adjusting reverberations and audio frequencies according to the physical surroundings of your audio source. This is actually what happens in real life but not in Unity by default. By default you could be standing behind a 10 meter thick concrete wall and the audio would be unaffected by the obstacle. TrueAudio fixes this for you by using real world data and calculations to make sure the output is plausible.

It's highly automated and at the most elementary level it can be injected in to any audio source in your project with a simple drag and drop. The need for tweaking is kept to absolute minimum so the learning curve is extremely low.

TrueAudio was designed to be first and foremost; intuitive and functional, easy to implement and flexible. The main purpose is to save you time and headaches and to provide you with credible 3D audio at an optimized resource rate.

TrueAudio comes with a user manual providing you with in-depth instructions on how to use the component and also a section for troubleshooting.

As with the Unity physics engine, TrueAudio relies on using sensible unit-scaling to get the most reliable results. It has been tested to work on Unity 5.6 and newer.