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Please check the description, limitations, disclaimers before buying the asset!

○ Overview

Use the shading and unification power provided by the Vegetation Engine now on mobile devices and VR. Create dynamic seasons, snow, wetness, high-quality wind, and interaction with the new shader designed for performance in mind! Switch prefabs to mobile shaders, before or after the conversion, with one click!


The latest version of the Vegetation Engine is required for the module to work!

🛈 The Vegetation Engine is a set of high-quality shaders and tools designed to unify 3rd party vegetation under the same system. Enable high-quality wind motion, interaction, seasons, wetness, subsurface, height-based blending, etc. for all vegetation assets with Standard, Universal, or HD Render Pipeline!

○ Compatibility

The Mobile Shaders Module supports the following Render Pipelines:

Standard Render Pipeline 2019.4+

Universal Render Pipeline 7.4.3 - 11.0.0+

The Mobile Shaders Module has integration with the following 3rd party tools:

Amplify Shader Editor - Full shader editing support

Mega World Quadro Renderer - Procedural Instancing support

Nature Renderer - Procedural Instancing support

Vegetation Studio - Instanced Indirect support

Vegetation Studio Pro - Instanced Indirect support

GPU Instancer - Instanced Indirect support

The Mobile Shaders Module supports the following add-ons:

The Vegetation Engine • Amplify Impostors Module

The Vegetation Engine • Terrain Elements Module

○ Features

The Vegetation Engine systems supported: Motion, Seasons, Overlay

The Vegetation Engine elements supported: Colors, Overlay, Motion Interaction, Motion Direction, Motion Flow, Wind Power

Basic Transmission approximation support

Baked Detail Blending support for Bark and Props

Top Projection Detail Blending support Object shaders

Distance Size Fade support

Amplify Shader Editor support

Zero global keywords used

Basic demo scene included

○ Limitations

🞫 Shader Model 4.0+ capable devices are required (Desktop / High-End Mobile)

🞫 Scalable Ambient Obscurance is not supported in Forward Rendering

🞫 Beta and Alpha Unity versions are not officially supported

🞫 HDRP is not supported and out of scope

🞫 Due to a bug with VR Multiview on Android, the shaders will fail to compile the first time the project is built. Building the second time, the issue should go away!

○ Disclaimer

⚑ The mobile shaders have a 2x performance increase compared to the default shaders on a mobile device. Based on your project, the performance might vary!

⚑ The mobile shaders have basic features like snow, wetness, size fade, colors, and vertex elements support always enabled! They can be further optimized using the Amplify Base Function, by disabling the features you don't need!

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