Zombie Raid - Top down shooter survival

This is a top-down shooter template. The game has a top-down facing camera and the objective of the player is to survive waves of enemies. There is also an option to make an infinite level.
The level are generated procedurally with a script. So no need to manually placing all the object in the scene. All that is handled by MapGenerator class.
The game also has an intelligent spawning system which prevents spawning enemies onto occupied spaces.
There is an integrated automatic save and load system that takes care of saving all game data before quitting and loading all of the same at the start of the game.
Other features include:
1. Procedurally generated maps for each level
2. Support for mobile input
3. Support for adding multiple enemies.
4. Intelligent spawning system that spawns objects only in open spaces.
5. Wide range of customization for enemy spawning parameters, map generation parameters, weapon and audio handling and much more.
6. Easy to use APIs.
7. Survival mode.